How It Works

What if rates go down or I decide I want to refinance? Do I have to pay closing costs again and again?

Before you think of taking out an adjustable rate loan, look at this

How our program works:

With other Mortgage firms, the customer gets the best fixed rate possible at the time of purchase or refinance and pays closing costs and possibly points. If the customer ever wants to obtain a better rate, they must pay thousands in closing costs again just as when they purchased or refinanced their home.

Not so ! with EZ Qualify’s No Cost Mortgage…

In our line of thinking, you should be able to refinance any time you want in the future if rates improve. That’s why we continue to pay your closing costs again and again to keep your rate as low as possible. Of course, we are limited by the market. If rates go up it is difficult to get a better rate. If rates improve, which they usually do eventually, we will take your rate down at no cost. That is the benefit of doing a loan with no costs. As long as rates are falling you can continue to take advantage of even small decreases in rates. There are no time limits to this process. You may refinance as many times as you like.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to market changes there is now a 6 month waiting period in which you CAN NOT refinance.

Sounds too good to be true?

One way to understand it is to think of it as a travel agent who looks for the best deal from a host of airlines and let’s you know your best options based on your needs. This is exactly what EZ Qualify does for you. In doing so, the lender that we use pays a commission to us for originating the loan. This is called the “Service Release Premium”. In essence, we are “selling” the loan to the lender and earn a commission for doing so.

How does it work?

This commission or “Service Release Premium” is usually somewhere between 1.5-3.0% of the amount of the loan. With that money then we are able to pay your closing costs and still make a profit on the loan.

Here’s Other Ways You Save Money

1. Reduced Rate of Interest
Even a ΒΌ percent rate reduction can add up to big savings if you take advantage of our NO COST refinancing program.

2. Elimination of mortgage insurance (PMI)
If you now have more equity in your home you may benefit from removal or reduction of your monthly mortgage insurance premium. PMI is for the benefit of the lender only. If you have the equity, eliminate this through our NO COST refinance program.

3. Consolidation of Installment Debt and Auto Loans
If you have some equity in your home, you may be able to consolidate credit cards, car loans, and other consumer debts into your home mortgage. This could cut the interest rate you pay on these balances by 50% or more.

4. Tax Considerations
The interest you pay on most home mortgage loans is deductible on both federal and state income taxes. Interest on most other personal debt is not deductible. Consolidating your other debt into a home mortgage may result in a tax savings of 20 to 40 percent of your interest payment, depending on your tax bracket. Please consult with a tax advisor regarding any tax issues.

Our Rates

Good as of 8/21/2010*
All rates quoted are No Point No Fees*
30 Yr Fixed - 4.375%
15 Yr Fixed - 3.875%
5/1 Arm - 3.375%
5/1 Arm High Balance -3.875%
*Rates subject to change. Quotes based off 400k loan amount for Conforming and 600k loan amount for High Balance.